REVIEW: Ant-Man & Wasp: A Perfect Palate Cleanser

  Infinity War changed the game. Now I won't spoil the ending, just in case you haven't seen the film, but it goes without saying that Infinity War was impacted the lives of moviegoers. So, how exactly do you follow up the biggest crossover film of all time? By...

REVIEW: Catwoman #1: The Wedding Aftermath

  The wedding has come and gone. Now rest your heads comic fans, I won't spoil Batman 50 right away. Honestly if you haven't had it spoiled by now, I will honestly be surprised. Perhaps you have more discipline than I do. Will this series starring Selena Kyle be...

Review: Tony Stark Iron Man #1

  Another summer, another Marvel reboot. One series that I've been curious about is Tony Stark: Iron Man by Dan Slott. You see, I'm a huge fan of Iron Man. However I haven't been to interested in the various direction they've taken the armored avenger. Will this...

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