Aquaman Movie Villain Revealed

by | Aug 11, 2016

With Suicide Squad breaking Civil War opening box office record and the announcement that Man of Steel 2 is in development it seems that more news centering around the DCCU and it’s centered on Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman.

With little no shock to anybody who has read or watched Aquaman over the past 60 years The Wrap revealed in an exclusive that Black Manta will be the lead villain for James Wan’s Aquaman which hits the big screen in July of 2018. Warner Brothers have made no comment on the matter but given that the actual film won’t starting shooting for quite some time so I highly doubt that they would cast someone this early on even before pre-production even begins.
Debuting in Aquaman in 1967 Black Manta has been (and continues to be) Aquaman’s main foil for over forty five years, it makes the most sense for Aquaman to tackle his most iconic foe (I mean I love Ocean Master but nobody knows who he is). From my perspective the never ending battle between these two dwellers of the oceans, takes it a further level by making it personal from the very beginning. I won’t spoil what exactly that moment is here because if you’re new to Aquaman it’s a moment that needs to experienced first hand. Needless to say I hope they bring the ferocity of this particular rivalry into live action.
Since no concept of Black Manta exists yet, I’m hoping they keep his design as close to the comics as possible. If they alter it to fit the aesthetic of whatever shape the Aquaman film takes, I’ll bite my tongue and accept it. However I desperately want for Black Manta to have an over sized helmet like he does in the comics. Other than that, Black Manta’s costume is free to alter from toe to shoulder since he’s really only wearing a black wet suit and I doubt that the film version with be something as simple as a wet suit.
For once I’ll even play the fantasy casting game and my personal pick to play Black Manta is none other than Mahershala Ali, better known for his role for House of Cards and will be playing the lead villain for the upcoming Luke Cage series, I believe that he can capture the balance of intelligence and ferocity needed for the character.

Aquaman debuts in July 2018