A Bat To Finally Join The Arrowverse?

by | May 18, 2018


Man I can’t believe it’s been almost six years since Arrow debuted on the CW. Since the launch of said show, the CW is now bursting with various heroes that celebrate the DCU. Hell last year they integrated Supergirl. However there was one aspect that has been thing that’s been missing. I’m of course referencing The Batman. Well come season Winter 2018 A Bat will join the Arrowverse. Is it actually Bruce Wayne? Read further on to find who it is.


The Perfect Bat for The Arrowverse

If you’re reading then you already know that Kate Kane aka Batwoman will make her silver screen debut. Given that DC tends to forget I’m honestly surprised that she’ll be the first Bat to be on TV. However she does make the most sense. While she currently works alongside the Batman, her comic book origins had her separate. The CW writers don’t and probably won’t explain any connection to the Batman, I would assume a joke about Batman but nothing on the nose. Even more so, Kate could be another high profile gay superhero on TV and the best part is that the CW isn’t afraid to shy away from that.
Do I honestly expect Maggie Sawyer to show up, or even a reference Renee Montoya? I kinda do, if they don’t occur I won’t be upset about. However the CW manages to maintain a excellent balance of fan service and their own stories. What would really disappoint me is if Kate Kane is just a one off for this special crossover. Her militant lifestyle could easily mesh with how Oliver Queen trains his, it could add a much needed spice to the dynamic. My last hope that this will officially confirm that the city of Gotham does exist. What are your thoughts on Kate Kane joining Arrow? Let me know in the comments below!