Batman's Butler Getting His Own Show?!

by | May 17, 2018

We are living in a golden age of superhero TV. At least on the DC side. The CW shows remain a staple on that network, Gotham enters it’s final season and the new DC streaming service will allow for new possibilities. With a rising tide, that will bring on some unwanted shows. There is a Alfred Pennyworth Live Action Show in development. Yes you did read that sentence correctly. Read further on for my thoughts on this rather shocking news.


Butler Doesn’t Work Without Bat.

I’m sorry, I like Alfred but this just seems like a bad idea. While Alfred himself could prove me wrong, I highly doubt a casual audience doesn’t care about Alfred sans Batman. The reason Alfred is interesting is because of his relationship with Bruce Wayne. I’m well aware that Alfred used to be a badass MP for the British Royal Army, but that isn’t the Alfred that fans want to see. I know that seems limiting to his character, but I’m willing to bet that nobody will want to see a Alfred Pennyworth story before he becomes The Batman. What’s even weirder is that this series won’t be set in the same universe as Gotham. That ultimately could not matter since this series will take place before he becomes Bruce Wayne’s butler.
Despite my negative opinions on this news, you will be getting a 13 episode series dedicated to the origins of Alfred Pennyworth. What’s really sad about this announcement is that there are so many DC characters/teams that could shine on the silver screen. Focusing on Alfred only tells me that the producers of this show only want to capitalize on the Batman without actually using Bruce Wayne and his iconic persona. Could this show actually be good? Yes, every show has the capacity to be good? Will it bring in the casual viewer? I sincerely doubt it. What are your thoughts on this upcoming Alfred TV series? Let me know in the comments below.