Ben Reilly Returns This Spring.

by | Jan 10, 2017

Scarlet Spider
If you grew up reading comics in the early to mid 90’s, there’s an extreme possibility that you we’re a fan of the clone that called himself Ben Reilly aka Scarlet Spider. Long dead at the hands of The Green Goblin, Scarlet Spider fans have eagerly awaited the return of their Spider-Man. Well await no more as Ben Reilly is back. There will be spoilers about the current Clone Conspiracy event, so if you want to avoid those don’t read further on.

In case you we’re wonder how exactly Ben Reilly is back from the grave (I mean this is comics so really it could have been anything) is that after Ben Reilly’s death by the Green Goblin’s glider, he scooped his dissolved remains and “fixed” the problem from Ben Reilly’s first attempt at cloning Peter Parker. I won’t go into further detail than that, because that’s all you need to know how the Scarlet Spider is back.
On the book we have veteran comic scribe Peter David and on pencils veteran Mark Bagley who I believe drew some of the earlier issues of Ben Reilly’s tenure as The Amazing Spider-Man. By picking both David and Bagley as the creative team, Marvel is clearly trying to tap into the die hard fandom. While I’m personally not the biggest fan of Ben Reilly, I hope that David takes into account that there’s potentially new generation of Scarlet Spider fans who don’t have the history with the character that older fans do and won’t bar them from entry because they didn’t have the chance to read the original run back in the 90’s.
As for the his new costume, I get that they wanted some reference to his iconic hoodie costume but for this new version the hoodie aspect is the worst part of the costume. I like the color scheme and from a design perspective it looks nothing Spider-Man (outside of his eyes but that just how Bagley draws all Spidey eyes). Also it made no sense that Scarlet Spider wore a hoodie back in the 90’s but it at least matched the aesthetic of the era, whereas it just makes it look silly and it’s only there because he’s the Scarlet Spider and he has to have a hoodie instead of trying to create something visually different for a bold new era in his life. Nope we you nostalgia. Are you excited for Scarlet Spider to return? Let me know in the comments below!