Billy Dee Williams To Finally Play Two-Face

by | Dec 2, 2016

In 1989, Harvey Dent was brought to life by the charismatic Billy Dee Williams, and I’m sure that Batman fans were eager to see his approach to Two-Face once, but that day never came. As many know Tommy Lee Jones portrayed the iconic villain, but over twenty-six years later fans will finally know!

That Billy Dee Williams be Two-Face in the upcoming Lego Batman Movie starring Will Arnett debuting in February 2017. Now before you role your eyes at the fact that I’m bringing up the a Lego Movie, then you must have missed out on the wonderful movie that is The Lego Movie. That film and Batman’s role is a huge reason Lego Batman is getting his own solo movie (also WB loves Batman and will find any excuse to put him on the big screen). In fact before I continue on, check out the trailer for the film and tell me you aren’t laughing. I’ll be waiting.

Are you done laughing? Okay then, what I love about the Lego Movie and the trailers for Lego Batman is that it they’re not afraid to tackle certain aspects of a character’s history for the sake of humor. Which means Billy Dee Williams won’t be dark and depressing like how Two-Face is in the comics, but perhaps making two sided puns and mocking his origin, which I’m perfectly fine with. In another universe we got to see a darker side to Mr. Williams, but at least we get him here. How much screen time will he actually have though? Given that the focus will be on Batman and Robin, and most of his rogues gallery seems to be making a cameo I highly doubt that Two-Face will play a key role into whatever shenanigans Lego Batman gets into but I’m sure it’ll be memorable. Are you excited for Billy Dee Williams to be Two-Face? Are you excited for Lego Batman? Let me know in the comments below!