Black Canary Joins Injustice 2!

by | Feb 3, 2017

With both Injustice 2 and Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite arriving this year, you should expect me to give my take whenever a new character joins the roster. In this instance Dinah Lance aka Black Canary finally makes it to the main roster, there have been rumors that she would be apart of the DC slug fest but to actually see her officially confirmed fills me with joy.

Let’s go ahead and get my personal nitpick out of the way, I’m not a fan that her “canary cry” sounds like various birds. I’m fully aware that based off the trailer, each variation of her Canary Cry will function differently and that’ll be a better benefit for players when remembering what works with certain combos. My inner DC fan just wants one scream that depending on which button you’re pressing functions differently. I still love that Dinah is apart of this game, I just want one scream. I’m sorry but I’m petty.
Since Black Canary (outside of her cry) is a superhero without powers, I love that Netherealm Studios have made her a grappler character, and unlike Batman or characters that actively work with Batman she doesn’t have access to nice toys to play with. It all comes down to her fist, so players who love getting into the face of their opponents are gonna live Dinah. Admittedly a lot of Black Canary’s fighting style is heavily inspired from Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat X and honestly that really doesn’t shock me at this juncture. So to anybody complaining that Dinah plays very similar to Sonya, then you’ve just started playing NRS games or you didn’t notice that Reptile from MKX takes a lot from the Flash in Injustice 1.
Finally her animations are so beautiful, in fact Injustice 2 is shaping up to be one of the better looking games on the current generation of consoles. Hopefully Black Canary will be given tons of costume DLC (I want her 80’s outfit so bad). What did you think of Black Canary’s reveal? Let me know in the comments below!