Blind Prophet Episode 3 Released

by | Aug 15, 2016

Blind Prophet written by Joseph Cillo Jr. and illustrated by Gabriel Santiago is story of Daniel Prophet, a blind and autistic young boy whom undergoes experimental surgery that lends the promise giving him sight. Not only is the surgery an astounding success but through grand design Daniel is granted the ability to see the world far beyond depth in which we see it everyday. But could this gift of clairvoyance do more harm to than good on a soul as fragile as Daniel’s?
As his powers and intellect grow, those closest to him question whether Daniel truly possesses the ability to peer into the spiritual realm. Yet as Daniel gets accustomed to witnessing the constant struggles among ts angels, demons and man it becomes clear that something a lot larger is at stake and only Daniel holds the key to forestalling the demons plans.
I had the pleasure of meeting Joe, the creator of Blind Prophet at the Hunterdon County Comic Fest hosted at the Hunderdon County Library last week. He’s a brilliant man and he has taken this imaginative story from it’s original screenplay version and adapted it into a suspenseful graphic masterpiece that will leave you wondering, how much control over our surroundings do we really have?

Visit blindprophetcomic.com to order your copy of the Blind Prophet.