by | Aug 3, 2017

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! THE EINSER WINNING TEAM OF DAREDEVIL AND BLACKWIDOW ARE COMING TO CAPTAIN AMERICA! Okay thank y’all for indulging me channeling my inner 1940’s news boy. So despite the fact that Cap is currently running the world as Supreme Leader of Hydra, we all knew that Steve Rogers would make his way to normalcy. What does this mean for Secret Empire? Read further on for my thoughts on Cap’s return.

Before I jump into Secret Empire nonsense, I really hope that the image Samnee posted on Twitter will actually be Captain America’s costume. One of the worst aspect that the MCU has was Marvel forcing movie esque designs into the current Marvel list of comics. Even though I loved Cap’s return under Nick Spencer I hated his new look. Given that Marvel wants to focus more on their legacy, so giving Captain America his iconic look lines up with this move. Samnee is one of the few artists who can evoke the golden age of Marvel, making him the perfect choice for Cap’s return.
As I mentioned Mark Waid will also be collaborating Samnee and if they’re is one man that I can trust with bringing back Captain America back to his roots, it’s Mr. Comic Book himself. Yes some might say that Waid has his runs on Cap (and he did, and if you haven’t you should read them), and that a newer writer should be given the chance on such a big title like Captain America. I could see that Waid and Samnee staying on for twelve, maybe twenty-five issues then a new creative team takes over. However I don’t want to dwell to much on that because I will love each issue that Waid and Samnee produce on Captain America.
What about the elephant in the room? Now despite my enthusiasm this pretty much gives away Secret Empire, a story I happen to be enjoying. I personally thought Steve Rogers was going to the bite the bucket again, because I can’t possibly see a way for Hydra Steve redeemed. I could be wrong, but regardless of how ever Secret Empire ends I can’t wait for Marvel to once again embrace their legacy.