Carnage To Make His Silver Screen Debut

by | Jun 23, 2017

Let me ask you a question faithful reader. Do you love symbiotes? Well if you’re around my age group (or even a few years older) then there is a good chance you were (and still might be) and huge fan of Venom and Carnage. According to THR Carnage will be apart of the upcoming Venom film. What does this mean for Venom? Who should play Kletus Cassiday? Read further for my thoughts on Carnage on the silver screen.

Now I might ruffle some feathers with my following statement, but man I am not looking forward to seeing Carnage in Venom. I’m not even that excited for Venom, but Carnage to me is a bad reminder of the 1990’s that keeps coming back. Given that the generation that grew up on Carnage are now in their late 20’s to mid 30’s so it’s Sony wanting to turn your nostalgia into cold hard cash. Now if you happen to be excited to see the murderous Carnage on the screen then my all means jump for joy. Don’t let my hate towards this relic derail your fun.
Now the one of the biggest questions for Carnage is who should play Cletus Cassiday? Personally I wouldn’t even have a Cletus Cassiday character be apart of this film, since the depth of Carnage as a character is about as deep as pond during the summer heat in Texas. Outside of being hungry to murder every single second, Carnage doesn’t have enough depth to warrant an actor. Instead why not have Carnage be just a mindless monster, fans can still can get same visual ques that are Hallmarks with Carnage but without dealing with building up another character. Chances are Cletus Cassiday will apart of this film, but I hope I’m wrong.
What are your thoughts on Carnage joining Venom? Let me know in the comments below!