Celebrating The X-Men?!

by | Jul 21, 2017

Giant X-Men
It’s only day one of SDCC and I struggled as to what I wanted to write about. The easy answer would be to cover the panel discussing Doomsday Clock by DC comics, but as I scrolled on my twitter feed and noticed the words X-Men: Grand Design. A six issue mini series that covers the X-Men’s historic moments by Ed Piskor. Not the biggest news of Comic Con, but I need to share this! Read further on for my thoughts on this upcoming mini series.

The crazy aspect of this series is will condense a decades of X-Men comics into a six issue mini series. They’r is no mention of how many pages each issue will be, I can’t imagine that these will be simple twenty pages of comics because I don’t believe any writer could shrink ten years of X-Men comics into twenty pages. Even if it means a price hike, I would gladly pay it in full. Ideally I would 40 to 50 pages, but I feel like 40 pages is the lowest amount of pages I would personally be okay with.
Now speaking of the creator, the six issues series will be written and drawn by Ed Piskor. Now if you only read Marvel, DC, Image (or if you’re feeling adventurous a BOOM studios title) Ed Piskor isn’t a name you won’t recognize. He wrote and drew a series called Hip Hop Family Tree (published by Fantagraphics) that covers the history of Hip Hop from the 1970’s to 1985. Even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, you cannot deny the artistic talent that Piskor has. His style captures the iconic look that comic books had from the 70’s to the 80’s. Piskor art alone is why I want to read this series, just look at this cover that was shown at the convention!
No it isn’t John Byrne or Paul Smith, but it captures the feeling of what both artists did for the X-Men in the 70’s and 80’s. Despite Marvel shunting the X-Men to obscure corner, I’m over joyed Marvel is giving the X-Men this profile project. Are you going to pick up X-Men: Grand Design? Let me know in the comments below!!