Cloak & Dagger Trailer Thoughts

by | Apr 20, 2017

Cloak & Dagger
Well here we are once again, the House of Ideas continues to expand its media empire by announcing another new series at another host, as the Cloak & Dagger trailer debuts so what do I think about the upcoming series? Will I actually watch it? Do I actually care about Cloak & Dagger? Will the catch on with a big enough audience? Read further on to hear my thoughts on all of these and more!

I’ll be honest, the majority of this trailer does not give evoke anything comic book wise to me. If I didn’t know who Cloak & Dagger were prior to the release of this trailer I would assume that this was another generic teen drama that would just blend in with other teen dramas. The fact that I’m aware that Cloak & Dagger are to cult favorites within the Marvel Universe and I thought I was being trolled until Dagger showed some sorta light powers and even that was not clear as to what was happening.
I do like that they’re staying true to the characters from their vastly different social status and if done correctly can be a smart way to discuss some important issues that has plagued our country for decades, who knows it might open up a few eyes. Now truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of these characters, I’ve never even read a comic book where they were the star attraction, but I do understand that these characters have a dedicated fan base and I can only hope that this series will not only be good for casual viewers but long time fans of Cloak & Dagger.
Now maybe it’s just me and the circle of people that I’m surround myself with, but I don’t know anybody who watches Freeform (formerly ABC Family). I’m sure that show will find it’s audience especially if Disney gives it the proper advertisement push. Are you looking forward to seeing Cloak & Dagger on the smaller screen in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!