CW Mega 4 Show Crossover Villain Confirmed

by | Oct 4, 2016

It’s fall once again and that means all your favorite DC based CW shows are making their return next week. It’s really amazing what started with show about revenge starring the Emerald Archer, expanded to the Fastest Man Alive, a time travel group of heroes and now the Girl of Steel. With four shows under their belt, one must ask. How does CW top themselves this season? Also there will some spoilers for these shows from past seasons. You’ve been warned.

With the recent shift of Supergirl to the CW, it has opened the door for the DC TV Universe to expand it’s viewpoint slightly above Earth. Yes Legends of Tomorrow time travels and Flash traveled to other realities, it’s still based on Earth. Well The Dominators will invade this fall and it’s going to take the small group of heroes to stop this alien horde. From a fan perspective, I’m super hyped to see how this exactly this will look. Yes this won’t have the big budget look of something like Batman V. Superman but the team behind these shows have crafted compelling epic comic book moments in the past and I expect no difference here.
Now if you happen to be one of the many people who only watch these shows and haven’t touched the comics, well then here’s a small history on this alien race bent on conquering the DCU. First debuting in 1967, the Dominators were initially foes that fought the Legion of Superheroes faraway in the 30th Century, but in the crossover epic called Invasion, they made their presence known in the 20th century. What makes the Dominators interesting is the their interest in the meta-human gene and they have the technology to manipulate it. With the growing number of super powers, it makes perfect sense for this alien race to arrive and try to use it for their own.
I’m hoping that they retain some of the Todd McFarlane design, and obviously it won’t be a one to one translation, but I would love nothing more than to see the big red dot in full center and maybe instead of the flowing green gowns, it’ll be power armor instead. I just hope we actually get to see them on screen for more than a few minutes. The limitations of TV will be the crossovers worst enemy, since the budget is vastly smaller compared to a movie. Despite my own personal qualms on how this will be shown on TV, I’m still jazzed that something of this magnitude is happening on TV. A great time to be a comic book fan it is.

Arrow Season 5 debuts Oct 12

Flash Season 3 debuts Oct 11

Legends of Tomorrow debuts Oct 13

Supergirl Season 2 debuts Oct 10