DC Comics Bringing Their Books To Wal-Mart

by | Jun 28, 2018


The biggest retailer in the world, is going to carry DC comics. Yes you read that correctly. These won’t just be reprints or graphic novels of current and past storylines. These comics will be monthly 100 page anthology and will feature DC’s premier characters and talent. Will the new initiative create new readers? Will current comic fans read these new anthology series? Read further on for my thoughts on this huge move by DC Comics.


Not The Same As Marvel

Now I know that there might be some negative fans, who will say this new plan will flop because not even Marvel could find success in Wal-Mart. There are several big differences. The first noticeable difference is that these are original stories. DC won’t be asking these potential new readers to commit to stories that they have to buy elsewhere. You pick up a anthology book, you get 100 pages of self contained comics. Granted certain stories will be serialized, but I like that it’s ultimately the readers choice to decide if they want to continue with that series/story. Marvel would just put truncated versions of paperbacks, with horrible paper and tease future story lines that can only be bought outside the retail giant.

Why Hate On This Plan?

If there’s on thing I’ve observed from this news, is the sheer amount of negativity that cropped up as a result. Just because DC wants to try for another avenue to sell comics, doesn’t means the Wednesday warrior will be affected. I don’t ever see people complain that Archie has sold their comics at grocery store checkouts for decades. Plus if a child or a teenager gets their guardians to buy them this 4.99 100 page comic, it could make them a lifelong reader. We as a comic book community need to be more inclusive and this should be a step in the right direction.
What are your thoughts on DC/Wal-Mart partnership? Let me know in the comics below!