DC Fixes the 'Weak Villain' Problem

by | Nov 22, 2017

Marvel vs DC?

Marvel and DC continue to expand their film universes due their successes at the box office and avid comic book fans continue to deliberate which franchise has best depicted their beloved comic book stories. There’s no question Marvel has done an outstanding job developing its heroes as characters that movie goers can connect with on a personal level. Critics argue that DC has not achieved the same level of recognition among the heroes they have brought to the big screen thus far.

Weak Villains

One thing that fans from both walks of life can agree on is the fact that both universes seem to be suffering from the lack of ‘good’ villains. Villains that have shades of humanity to them and motives with depth, like Loki. A hero is only as good as his nemesis and so far all the villains we’ve seen have sought after power, revenge or both which is quite simplistic which is contrary to the ideals of the heroes they oppose.

DC Changing the Tide

DC is upping the ante and taking risks by introducing villain first films. DC and Warner Bros. have announced the possibility of a Black Adam (arch enemy of Shazam) story and confirmed a Deathstroke film to be in the works sooner than later. These decisions have taken on heavy criticism by fans as it implies Warner Bros.’s lack of confidence in their current story lines. Yet it may be just what DC needs to enrich their film universe to a level Marvel has not ‘yet’ attained.

Villains First

DC Villains
Giving audiences a chance to get familiarized with their villains’ first helps movie goers grasp their motivations once they come head to head with the heroes we all know and love. All in all, this is a bold move and one that might just pay off in DC’s favor. With that said, Marvel’s upcoming sequel to Avengers 2, titled Avengers 3: Infinity War has promised us a villain rich film focusing on the big bad Thanos. This is quite impressive considering the conglomeration of heroes that the film’s roster boasts. Only time will tell whether both studios can remedy their villain dilemmas but it would seem they have taken notice of their shortcomings and are on the path to correcting the past.