DC & IDW Team Up For Love is Love Anthology

by | Sep 27, 2016


Before anyone jumps into any conclusions about me making this political, you can rest your heads. With the amount of now daily tragedies, it’s nice to see artists come together to remind us all that despite the tremendous loss that occurred we can’t forget them no matter what.

Now you might be sitting or standing somewhere and wondering why should I actually pick up this series (besides being a good person). The list of talent working on this anthology is absolutely insane, I won’t mention every creator working on this emotional project but here are few names that might persuade you to read this series. Phil Jimenez, Patton Oswalt, Elsa Charretier, Ming Doyle, Steve Orlando and much more all of them coming together out of pure love for humanity, something that’s desperately needed. The comics community from my eyes is a tight knit community that can support projects like this one.
If for whatever reason the list of creators involved couldn’t entice you, then perhaps that some of your favorite series will potentially be apart of this anathology as well. I’m sure that none of these stories from current books will actually impact the narrative of whatever that book happens to be doing by the time this book releases in December, but now you as a fan of the characters/story can get an extra snippet of story plus it goes it a good cause.
Make no mistake, if you honestly don’t pick this up I don’t believe your some heartless monster. We all have our weekly pulls and budgets that don’t allow us to spend extra money on something you don’t have any real investment in. It doesn’t mean you think the Orlando shooting was any less tragic, we all have our own special ways to support those in pain. All I ask is that if you’re reading this and you have no intentions on picking up this anthology, then spread the word of this project to others who will want to read this. I know I’ll be picking this up, let me know in the comments if you’re picking this up as well.

Love is Love Releases in December 2016