DC Reveals DC Universe Streaming Service!

by | May 4, 2018

Are you ready for another streaming service to enter your life? Yes you already have Netflix, Hulu and assortment of others but now DC will enter the online stream services game. Not much information exist but there’s enough juicy tidbits to warrant a discussion.

What Will Be On This Service?

The competition for streaming services is at all time high. So the question remains, what will DC Universe offer that you can’t get anywhere else. Exclusivity is king, and based on the initial line up DC seems to offering up some interesting choices. The first wave of shows will be the Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Harley Quinn and surprisingly Swamp Thing. While none of these are heavy hitters, I know plenty of fans who will subscribe just for that alone but I can’t help but wonder if this alone will bring in the subscribers in mass numbers. I do however think one choice that could bring people to this service in droves.

Bring The Entire DC Archive

If you want people to initially invest, in your new streaming service then DC should provide all the great content along with the new stuff. It would be very similar to the WWE Network in that, subscribers get pretty tons of past wrestling events and promote new content. They should allow people access to pretty much everything, and not just the cartoons, but the movies and maybe certain shows. I know that the CW shows have a deal with Netflix but eventually that deal will end and those shows will be on the DC Universe. This could be and should be the selling point to casual audiences who are on the fence about adding yet another streaming service. Who knows if the rights of certain films, shows, etc will even allow such a thing to become true but I can be hopeful.
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