DC's Doomsday Clock Series Moves To Bi-Monthly Schedule

by | Jan 26, 2018


Tick tock…….Tick…..Tock……There’s a change with Doomsday Clock. The event that has all the answers to DC’s Rebirth, now has hit an unexpected bump in the road. After an interesting third chapter, Geoff Johns tweeted out that the series will move to bi-monthly for now. Will this hurt the series in the long run? Why weren’t enough issues in the can before issue one dropped? Read further on for my thoughts on this delaying matter.

Delay Not a Big Deal…For Now…

Comic book delays are never fun, especially delays centered around an event. Thankfully DC has Metal to serve as their “current event” and Doomsday Clock can be allowed to breath during it’s early stages. However Metal is scheduled to end in February, leaving Clock with the spot light. Given that the series seems to be removed the current status quo, I’m fine with a delay. If Gary Frank and Geoff Johns can’t get the series back on schedule then this could have an impact on the DCU.

Why Weren’t More Issues In The Can?

Having read comics most of my life I understand that life happens. No matter how far you pre plan something, something always disrupts that process. I’m more shocked that the series needed to move to bi-monthly so quickly. This is the biggest event DC has put out since the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, and I have to wonder why more issues were not in the can prior to issue one? Gary Frank has never been the fastest penciler, but given the amount of time between announcement and release it just strange that a delay is happening so early. Perhaps it’s not even Gary Frank, but Geoff Johns himself? This is all pure speculation, I only want this series to have the impact that it should and I’m worried with the schedule change fans will grow impatient and lose interest.
Hopefully they get back to a monthly schedule before the series ends. What are your thoughts on Doomsday Clock shipping schedule? Let me know in the comments below!