Deadly Class Heading To Small Screen

by | Aug 17, 2016

I’ve been writing here for less than a month, and while I love writing about what DC/WB and Marvel/Disney are up too these days the world of comics is so much bigger than mainstream superhero comics. So yes this is over a month old in terms of news, I wanted to regurgitate this information for anybody who’s interested in non-superhero comics, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Deadly Class. Original source for this bit of news

If you’re reading this and you’ve actually heard of this series from Image comics I’ll do my best to sum up the central idea for the series before going in depth on the TV show. Created by Rick Remender and Wes Craig Deadly Class follows young Marcus Lopez in late 80’s America where he is trained to become an assassin. It’s a series that channels into Rick Remender’s own personal experiences growing up in Reagan’s America filled with social commentary, teen angst, and thrilling action. Not to mention the art by Wes Craig is eye catching, here’s a quick sample of his art from the series.
If the beautiful art nor the premise didn’t sell on on this series potentially heading to the small screen, then perhaps the fact that The Russo Brothers are the producers behind this series, the same two people who defied skeptics and brought two of the best movies to the MCU with Winter Soldier and Civil War respectively. I understand that they only hold the role of producers, but knowing that this duo is involved has me confident that whatever form this series takes will be the highest of qualities.
There has been no official confirmation on what network or streaming service that Deadly Class will be apart of it is being produced by Sony Pictures TV. My own personal speculation but with Playstation’s Powers getting cancelled my money is on Deadly Class to show up for PSN plus users and Sony’s own site Crackle which hosted Powers episodes for Playstation owners. Either way hopefully both Remender and Wes Craig will be apart of the series in some capacity. In the mean time, head to your local book store or comic shop and buy all four beautiful volumes of Deadly Class right now.

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