New Suicide Squad trailer features Deadshot!

by | Jul 19, 2016

So Warner Bros. has dropped a new Suicide Squad trailer clip that’s pretty much a Deadshot featurette. Deadshot, played by Will Smith, is one of Detective Comics’ most lethal assassins. He may be more commonly known as on and off-again adversary to one of my favorite super heroes of all time, Batman. Though he has been more recently depicted as an antihero, this new trailer gives us a small glimpse of the cinematic universe that Warner Bros. is creating through the eyes of Deadshot.

Who in their right mind would get on the wrong side of convicted hit man who’s confirmed to be lethal from 4,000 meters away? Well from the look of things in the new spotlight, a few people are willing to try their luck and sadly enough for them I think Deadshot is one to hold a grudge. El Diablo may possibly be the only person Deadshot may think twice about pushing over the edge.
Deadshot credit Warner Bros.As someone who had no ambition to see any of the upcoming slate of DC films produced by Warner Bros. Right from the jump Will Smith was the only motivation for me seeing this movie. In truth I’m not much of a DC fan outside of Batman and the Flash. However, after “finally” seeing Batman V Superman about two weeks ago my perception of the franchise changed. Unlike the general consensus of the movie, I really enjoyed Batman V Superman, was it perfect? Hell-nah! But did it get me more enthused about what’s to come? Now that it did for sure. The movie was not without its flaws and with that said, I feel strongly that its wrongs can be righted in the coming movies. This new trailer amidts all the recent news about the coming Justice League movies actually gives me faith that the DC films will be just as enjoyable as the slate of Superhero movies that predate it.
Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer, will be released on August 5th, 2016 in the U.S.

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  1. Tarah Vrbas

    I just went to see Margo Robbie in Birds Of Prey. Have you seen it? It was a good movie, not great but good. Did you think she was better as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad?