Death Of Superman Animated Features Gets Digital Comic

by | Aug 4, 2018

The Death of Superman, one of the most iconic stories in pop culture. So popular that DC has now made two animated features (and one live action one) dedicated to Superman’s brutal and shocking death of The Man of Steel. Well with this time around DC will release a twelve chapter story set before Kal-El’s death. Read further on for my thoughts on this latest digital series from DC.

Why The Wait?

While I’m intrigued that DC wants to explore there animated film universe, it’s a bit weird that this is the first of them trying to flesh out the universe. In case you don’t remember, after DC released the Flashpoint adaptation they used that film to make movies become more sequential instead of the stand alone route they were on. It would have been nice to see this iteration of the Justice League have smaller adventures together before dealing with the events that have been show in recent films.
It’s especially bizarre, when DC has had several successful digital only titles. Perhaps they thought comic fans and casual readers might misinterpret as part of the main stream continuity (even though the costumes from either are different enough to distinguish). What’s even better that this will be written by Louise Simonson, legendary comic writer, who actually worked on The original Death of Superman story line. Even though this Superman shares nothing to his 1993 counterpart, Simonson understands how to make a reader invested into a comic even if you don’t expect to.
However after looking at the pieces of information I would only recommend this new series to those that enjoyed the film. I’m sure it’ll be written in a way that you haven’t seen said movie that you don’t be loss. If you really want to see the Death and Return of Superman then go read those original stores. What are you’re thoughts on this new digital series? Let me know in the comments below.

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