Despite Big Wedding X-Men Blue and Gold Both Cancelled!

by | Jun 21, 2018


Last summer, Marvel once again relaunched the X-Men into Blue and Gold teams. However only a year later both X-Men Gold & Blue have been cancelled. Considering that as of today X-Men Gold finally celebrated the wedding of Colossus and Kitty Pyrde, this comes as bit of a shock. Read further on for my thoughts on the latest cancellation for the X-Men.


X-Men Blue Finally Redundant

Way back in 2013, Marvel decided it was a good idea to bring the original five X-Men to face their current selves. As interesting as this idea was at the start, the drastic changes Marvel made to these characters unrecognizable. Ever since Bendis left the X-Men, I’ve felt that these characters were just spinning their wheels until they ultimately were sent back home. Honestly I thought they would have been sent back after Secret Wars (2015). If you’ve enjoyed these characters then I understand any disappointment you might be feeling now, but sadly it was only a matter of time. There’s no need for doppelganger within the current Marvel Universe.

X-Men Gold Never Lived Up To It’s Potential

Out of these two books I’m mostly upset at X-Men Gold. I appreciate that Marc Guggenheim brought some stability to this corner of the X-Men. While none of the arcs were groundbreaking, they were fun stories that harken back to the golden era of X-Men. However from my personal observation, a segment of X-Men fans were not satisfied with how much Guggenheim relied nostalgia and not of enough of creating his own identity. Personally I loved reading X-Men: Gold. Unlike certain readers I don’t need every single comic I read to be something ground breaking to be worth my time.
Even though X-Men Gold might not be the most memorable time for X-Men, it will at least be remembered for the a really interesting wedding and time of stability that the X-Men desperately needed. What are your thoughts on these two canceled books? Let me know in the comments below!