Disney Buys Majority Of 20th Century Fox

by | Dec 15, 2017


I can’t believe it actually happened. A moment that will come to define pop culture for decades has finally happened. Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox for 54.2 Billion Dollars. Cue Dr. Evil wanting 1 million dollars music. What does this mean for future mutant films? Will the Fantastic Four finally get the treatment they deserve? Read further on for my thoughts this topic.

Fantastic Four Relevant?

While I’m still trepidatious about Disney buying yet another huge company, I super excited for a FF movie by Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios found a way to make their characters relevant to mainstream audiences and the Fantastic Four deserve that. For those that might not be well versed in comic book history, you don’t have the current day Marvel Universe without the Fantastic Four. The creations of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee deserve a positive spotlight on them. Make it happen Marvel.

What About Future X-Men Films? Hugh Jackman Returns?

Even though I want Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Logan, but it appears that shipped has sailed. I’m not ruling out the possibility that Jackman won’t return for a one off cameo in Avengers 4, but I do believe it’s highly unlikely he’ll play Wolverine in future installments. It appears that Deadpool 2 will stay rated R, but what about future films? I’m more curious as to how the make the X-Men part of the MCU. Considering they just established this new team only one movie ago, are they gonna reboot the franchise again? Part of me wants to keep most of the younger characters and just use multiverse shenanigans.

Final Thoughts

It’s to early to tell how any of these comic book franchises will be treated by Disney. While I’m completely opposed to the idea of the X-Men in the MCU at the juncture, the Fantastic Four are prime pickings for a great cosmic adventure. I encourage all fans to remain cautious at this deal, yes the Marvel U is finally whole but at what cost? Are you excited about Disney buying a huge stake in 20th Century Fox? Let me know in the comments below!