Doctor Strange Impact on The MCU! Spoilers Are To Follow!

by | Nov 11, 2016

Just in case you didn’t read the title for this blog post, I will be talking about two spoiler aspects from Doctor Strange. Before I get into that as a fan of Stephen Strange, I’m so happy that Doctor Strange as of this past Tuesday, has surpassed the 100 Million dollar mark, cementing itself as a new fold in the MCU. However what does that mean exactly? Reminder once again, spoilers for the film are to follow. Final warning!

Let’s get the most obvious immediate impact that Doctor Strange will have on the MCU, and that’s of course the introduction of magic. Yes Thor was technically the first introduction, but honestly that was more high tech than the mystic ways that Doctor Strange provides. It adds another layer to an expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, seeing Manhattan through various parallel dimensions makes the MCU actually feel more like it’s counterpart. It takes the”realistic” approach that most Marvel movies tend to go for. One thing Marvel hasn’t done in the solo character movies is have villains from other movies take on different superheroes, and now with Doctor Strange the potential to see Baron Mordo or Nightmare fight Iron Man or even Ant-Man.
Who knows if the minds behind the MCU will actually implement that idea of different villains meeting different heroes, but if they do Doctor Strange’s world adds more depth.
Now the actual meat and perhaps the most significant idea that Doctor Strange introduces to the MCU, the confirmation of a multiverse. With The Ancient One delivering her exposition as to Stephen, it opens a multitude of possibilities for the future of the MCU. Now Marvel can pretty much cherry pick from not only the core source material of the 616 and 1616 (Ultimate Universe) but different versions of the characters we’ve already seen. Maybe we’ll get a different actor playing Steve Rogers who happens to be from another reality? Given that the foundation of the MCU can’t play these characters forever, so this opens to the door for the old guard to step aside, but allows the iconic characters to remain in some fashion.
Who knows if Marvel Studios will actually do anything I just wrote, but one can speculate right? I do suspect that Doctor Strange will play a bigger role in the Infinity films than I previously though. As for the film itself? Doctor Strange is a great origin story and is a great homage to Steve Ditko and Stan Lee’s creation. Go see it if you haven’t arleady! What are your thoughts on what Doctor Strange brings to the MCU? If you’ve seen the film, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!



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