Doom Patrol Cancelled Is This The End Of Wild Animal?

by | Apr 8, 2017

Whenever I write a piece for this site, I generally don’t want to talk about the negative aspect of the comic book business. A comic book series being cancelled is nothing new, especially in today’s current market it’s difficult for a series to last six months to a year. So why did Doom Patrol fail? What does this mean for the rest of the Wild Animal books?

I shouldn’t have to type this, but for anyone who thinks that Gerard Way should stop writing comic books and go back to music clearly didn’t read this iteration of Doom Patrol or Way’s previous works. This is a man who clearly has love for Grant Morrison’s surrealism within the world of comic books. It’s one thing to mimic another creator but Gerard Way was able to set a distinct tone for his comics that separated himself from his idol.
So in my opinion, why did Doom Patrol fail? I know it’s really easy to say that a delay can kill a comic, but it can hurt tremendously. With how many comic hit shelves each and every week vying for readers attention, a severe delay during a story arc can be a make it or break it deal for fans. Especially with how confusing Doom Patrol’s plot tended to be, the delays hurt it’s long term plans than helped. As far as I can remember Doom Patrol itself has never been a bestselling series, in fact the only Doom Patrol run I ever hear anybody talk about was Grant Morrison’s run. Yes Gerard Way does his own fan base but I doubt the crossover was not on point as with Way’s previous works. It was a book aimed for a larger audience that only reached a niche one.
So what does this mean for the rest the Wild Animal line of comics? While no official word has been said, I highly doubt the rest of line last beyond July of this year. It saddens me that the sales for this line are not enough for DC to keep publishing, with DC pushing it’s classic DCU back onto readers it was nice to know that experimental comics still had a place at DC. What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Doom Patrol? Let me know in the comments below!