Drew Goddard To Direct X-Force

by | Sep 8, 2017

Despite little updates, it appears that Fox has finally found a director for X-Force. Daredevil show runner Drew Goddard will write and direct the upcoming X-Men spinoff. Given the critical success of Deadpool 2 and positive reactions to the photos of Domino and Cable, it makes sense that Fox would push X-Force further into development. Read further on for my thoughts on Drew Goddard directing X-Force.

On paper this looks like to be a great fit for Fox. If you follow me on twitter then you know by now, but the first season of Daredevil was astonishing TV. It brought the craziness of Daredevil into a more realistic approach to the character of Matt Murdock, and I can see that same approach working for X-Force. Given that Fox’s X-Men film tend to lean more towards realism, so in that sense a perfect match between creator and property. Yes cinema is vastly different from the world of TV,but given Goddard’s talent I’m sure he’ll make a superb X-Force film.
What has me shocked the most is that Deadpool will be leading this team, along with Cable. I fully expected for Cable’s appearance in Deadpool 2 (along with Domino), but Deadpool being on the roster changes everything. While I love Deadpool my one worry is that the Goddard might lean towards the humor of Deadpool and it might overshadow the other members of X-Force. I want to be proven wrong, but it might out of Goddard hands.
Now we know that Cable and Deadpool will both be apart of the team that composes X-Force (and most likely Domino), but who else should join the team? My first instinct would be to pick some of the New Mutant characters who became members of X-Force but they have their own movie coming out next year. Honestly I only have two mutants who I would love to see on the big screen. The first being Shattestar, Fox should complete the Rob Liefeld trinity and put him side by side Rob’s other creation and all in his 90’s glory. The other choice would be Phantomex, a more recent member of X-Force but one who could provide the right amount of spice to a team. Are you excited for Drew Goddard directing/writing X-Force? Let me know in the comments below!