Earth One Lives!

by | Jul 14, 2017

WORLDS WILL LIVE, WORLDS WILL DIE! That sentence has nothing to do with the latest announcement from DC comics. After releasing Wonder Woman: Earth One in April 2016, DC has been pretty silent on the line of OGN’s since then. We know Aquaman: Earth One by Francis Manupaul is on the docket but no release date. Now Green Lantern fans will see Hal Jordan’s origin retold for a modern audience. Read further on for my thoughts on this.

Let me say this before I give my actual thoughts on this upcoming Green Lantern graphic novel, but I love that DC has been slowly publishing these over the past seven years. In comparison to Marvel’s Season One line, where they put pretty good creative teams on their respective books and pumped them out at a higher volume DC has put their top names on these iconic characters and it allows them to tell new stories without worrying about continuity. So if you haven’t tried any of the Earth One line, I highly recommend trying one of them.
As for Green Lantern itself, I love that Gabriel Hardman is the artist behind this project. Hardman isn’t a big name, but when you ask comic book pros he’s always listed as one of the best. His style looks perfect for what a Green Lantern should look like in the modern day, I can’t wait to see how he redesigns the Guardians, Kilowog, or even Hal’s classic costume itself. Teaming up with his wife Corina Bechko this book is gonna look beautiful but also be a compelling read.
Not much is known but one change I’m okay with is moving Hal from a test pilot to an astronaut. For those that don’t understand why Hal is a test pilot is because at the time of his creation test pilots were heroes. Now of course pilots still play a vital role in our society but it’s astronauts that have more fame plus given the fact this is a science fiction story it blends well with the previously established mythos. Are you going to buy Green Lantern: Earth One? Let me know in the comments below!