The Fantastic Four Finally Return To Marvel Comics

by | Apr 5, 2018


In 2015 Marvel said goodbye to the Fantastic Four. While Marvel wouldn’t come out and say it themselves, speculation centered around Fox’s ownership of the film rights. Needless to say the absence of Marvel’s First Family has left a gigantic hole that no other group can fill. Well FF fans, your nightmare is over The Fantastic Four are back! Read further on for my thoughts on this glorious return!

Creative Team?

Thankfully Marvel didn’t leave out who would revive the Fantastic Four. Veteran comic book writer Dan Slott will pen the series, and superstar artist Sara Pichelli will draw the series. While I’m not the biggest fan of Dan Slott’s writing, I will admit that he might be the best fit for Fantastic Four that Marvel has. Slott loves to bring that epic scale to each comic he writes, while also keeping character development in mind. I have no doubt that Sara Pichelli will knock it out of the park. It’ll be cool to see her draw something that isn’t street level based.

Connection To Infinity Countdown?

Given that it book will launch one month after Marvel’s latest event, I wonder how or will this new FF series will connect to the event. It’s not unheard of for a new series to spin out of an event, but I would like to believe that Marvel’s first family doesn’t need that. Personally I would hope this new series launches without connecting to something bigger. I don’t except answers right away but the team needs time together before reuniting with the rest of the Marvel Universe.
I want to be positive about this relaunch. I didn’t realize how much I miss the FF until after they were no longer being published. It’s that old saying of “You only miss it when it’s gone.” Hopefully the return of the Fantastic Four will usher in a bold new era for Marvel Comics. What are your thoughts on the return of Marvel’s First Family? Let me know in the comment below!