Favorite Comic For 2017

by | Jan 5, 2018


2017 was another amazing year for comic books. As I looked over the new series and continuing series, only a few comics stood out. That doesn’t discredit the hundreds I read over the course of the year, but only a few rise to the top. Before I go any further just because I choose this particular comic doesn’t mean I hate the rest. If you haven’t guessed what that comic is, read further.

Who Else Can Escape Death?

My history with Mister Miracle is very limited. I always recognized him when would appear in crossovers. All of that can be contributed to Jack Kirby’s excellent design work. Honestly the only reason I even tried this new series was because of the creative team. Tom King had proven himself to be one of the great new writers of current comics and Mitch Gerads has always been a solid artist that nobody ever talks about. Who would have thought that this series would move me so much and resonate with me.

Tom King: Voice of Pain

Now that particular heading might seem brutal, but let me continue. Within the first issue, I was able to emotionally connect with Scott Free. He took this Kirby creation and stuck him into the world of the mundane and made it compelling. Yes they’re elements of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, but the best scenes are Scott by himself or his scenes with Big Barda. Mister Miracle is about a God who can escape anything, except his own fate. If you’re worried about a barrier to entry due to lack of exposure to the Fourth World, worry not. Every single panel and page teaches you about Scott Free and his world. Although you really should read Kirby’s original work on Mister Miracle.

Mitch Gerads: Distorted Visionary

Mitch Gerard isn’t an artist that should be a bigger deal but isn’t. His work on this series should make him a sensation, and it’s mostly due to his storytelling. Not many artist can work within the nine panel grid and not feel constrained. Gerad’s art flows effortlessly from panel to panel. Personally it’s the distorted aesthetic to the book. It gives off this sense of unnerving, like I’m being watched while watching Mister Miracle try to survive.
It’s only fitting that in the year that Jack Kirby would have turned 100, that one his creations would captivate me the most. What is your favorite comic from 2017? Let me know in the comments below!