Favorite Comic Book Movie From 2017

by | Jan 4, 2018


Before I list my favorite comic book film from last year, I need to clarify this. We as comic books fans are spoiled. I say this year after year and it continues to be true. Yes quality varies per movie, but it effort that goes into these films is still leaps and bounds better than the way it used to be. This isn’t a list, but I will be giving brief thoughts on the other films released this year.

Another Strong Year for The MCU

No matter the film, Marvel continues dominate the conversation and box office. Even though Guardians Vol 2, Thor 3 and Spider-Man: Homecoming were all entertaining movies, this year unlike others had a “filler” type feel to their films. Outside of Thano’s ship showing up at the end of Ragnarok the universe didn’t move that much. Despite that I still enjoyed and reveled my time with the MCU this year. Maybe with Infinity War right on the horizon I looked over these films? Most likely not but regardless the MCU train keeps on rolling.

It’s Not Wonder Woman

This may come as a shock, but Wonder Woman isn’t my favorite of this year. If anything Wonder Woman is 1B, this movie made me smile from start to finish. The craziest thing is that I’m not even a huge reader of Wonder Woman comics. Wonder Woman didn’t really do anything that different in how a superhero movie looked and presented itself as. The strength of this film relies on Gal Gadot embodying the Amazon Princess and Patty Jenkins channeling the spirit of Superman 76. I will continue to cherish this movie till the day I die, and in another year this would have been number one. If Wonder Woman proved anything is that people want female lead superhero movies. Make your move Marvel.

The Best There Is At What He Does

And what he does is make me cry. If you haven’t narrowed it down by now, it’s Logan. After a horrid origin story and mediocre trip to Japan, Logan gave us a tearful farewell to Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine. The reason I picked this film above the others is because it didn’t feel like a typical superhero film. Logan was a western from start to finish. You combine that with the powerful performances by Hugh Jackman, and Patrick Stewart along with stellar debut of Dafnee Keen you have a genre defying movie. 2017 was a great year for superhero movies. What was your favorite comic book movie from last year? Let me know in the comments below.