F*ck Batman Titan Trailer Debuts At SDCC

by | Jul 26, 2018

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. Even though some pieces of news tend to get drowned out, there are always a few tidbits of news that escape the sea that is Comic Con. One of the more controversial trailers shown this year was for the DC Universe exclusive Titan show. Read further on for my thoughts on the debut showcase for the upcoming DC streaming service.


That Is Not Dick Grayson

Over the past 18 years we as comic fans have seen dozen of our favorite characters adapted to different media. Changes are expected, a one to one translation is unrealistic. It’s more important if the characters retain the spirit of their original (or some form of) incarnation. However Titan’s Dick Grayson misses the mark completely. Under no circumstances would Dick murder random thugs, let alone brutally step on presumed dead man’s neck (you actually here the cracking), and curse out his mentor. If you had told me that this was Jason Todd leading a more brutal iteration of the Titans, I could get behind that idea. It would also be something new since as far as I can remember, Jason didn’t spend much time with the Titans during his time as Robin.
This sequences that feature Dick in this trailer is not Dick Grayson. The other aspect that really triggers me is seeing Dove slice the back of a dude’s knee, yes Dove the peaceful one out of Hawk and Dove. From this small showing, this show doesn’t seem to respect it’s original roots and just want to tell their edgy fan fic they’ve wanted to tell since 2007,

Cheap Production Look

I understand that TV budgets are small, especially when you factor in superhero shows. However the team behind the CW shows seem to make their shows still look amazing when characters are in and out of costume. Titans looks worse than the playstation Powers TV show, everything about this trailer screams extreme small budget. I know that this show does have some fans, but I’m not one of them. What are your thoughts on the Titans trailer? Let me know in the comments below.