Final Thoughts on DC's Rebirth First Six Months!

by | Dec 29, 2016

Six months ago, DC started an initiative that has seemingly revitalized their entire line and confidence in readership has been reaffirmed. However with everything good that Rebirth has done for DC, it isn’t entirely positive. So today I’m going to list my problems that DC needs to change heading into 2017 if they want to continue the momentum.

As much as I love the idea of double shipping and story arcs finishing faster the double shipping forced me to pick and choose which books I wanted to read. I know this seems like a personal problem but I felt that I was picking between kids as to which series I would become invested in. If the books we’re monthly I’d like to imagine that I would have more room for several DC books. I will consent that the notion I just brought up might be on my end, I will say as the months dragged on I felt that the double shipping was just an onslaught and if I missed an issue on one week, I would be deeply behind on my reading.
Continuing to the ride the double shipping problem, the biggest impact that DC’s shipping problem had was the effect it had on art. In some cases the art quality didn’t drop at all (Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman) but in most cases the art suffered a lot. In best scenarios a different artist would draw each issue, despite different styles and in the worst case scenario multiple artists and inkers would all draw the same issue taking readers out of the story they are telling. In some cases one artist is absolutely perfect for that character (Di Giaminico for Flash or Otto Schmidt for Arrow) and when another artist takes over for, the comic feels less special. Making books like Flash, Arrow, and Aquaman monthly instead bi-weekly would only benefit the books in the long run game, but I doubt DC wants to look at the long term and just focus on beating Marvel in the market share.
Finally and I’ll admit that this a nitpick but it irks me how inconsistent pre-52 Superman was written from comic to comic. If you’re not aware the New 52 version of Superman was killed and the Superman that’s currently showing up is the Superman from post-crisis. In some cases Superman is treated as a threat because they have no idea who this new Superman is and in some cases they haven’t missed a beat and Superman is still considered there friend despite the fact he’s only been around for five minutes at best.
That’s enough negatives, I doubt DC will do anything regarding the problems I had with Rebirth but who knows maybe they will. Happy New Year everybody!