Finally We Have A Venom Trailer!!!

by | Apr 26, 2018

Okay that headline isn’t completely true. There was a trailer for this alien creature, but can you really call it a trailer? If you take away the titular name from the video, you would have never suspected that it was a trailer for Venom. Why even release that trailer at all? Well after several months, Sony has revealed a new trailer for the murdering symbiote. Did it hit the mark? Read further on for my thoughts on the trailer for Venom.

Only One Good Aspect From This Trailer

Listen, I understand that it is foolish to judge a movie based on two trailers. However trailers are supposed to get audiences excited. As I watched the trailer, I couldn’t help but cringe at various lines of dialog and how they messed up the pronunciation of symbiote. I was ready to give up on this movie, until the final shot. While it’s only one shot, Venom looks gorgeous. That one shot is the only reason I will purchase a ticket. Finally they nailed down the visual aspect of Venom.

Okay I lied One More Good Thing

While most of this film seems to be generic, and Tom Hardy’s acting is much to be desired his interactions (while few) were amazing. This is a such a huge change because the symbiote isn’t known for speaking outside of using a host. Since you don’t have the hatred of Spider-Man to drive Eddy Brock insane, I can only imagine as the next best possible option. Hopefully they won’t become banter buddies by the time the film ends, but that’s me projecting. Finally I’m so glad that they had Eddie refer to his bond with the symbiote as “we.” Unlike that trash Venom that was in Spider-Man 3.
Now that we’ve had a trailer featuring this famous anti-hero, are you excited for the film? Let me know in the comments below!