First Event For DC Rebirth Revealed!

by | Sep 9, 2016

TYGqvD0 No matter how much DC wants to change its image to casual readers, they still rely on the same tricks that can almost guarantee a bump in sales. Enter Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad written by Joshua Williamson with art by Jason Fabok and Tony S.Daniel.

As jaded as I can be when it comes to comics lining up with their movie counterparts, in this case I don’t mind it in this instance. Synergy has been apart of comics since for decades and it doesn’t make the companies who try to capitalize off mainstream audiences who happen to recognize two names on a comic cover. In a way this particular event feels like a potential future DCCU movie, due to Bruce Wayne’s and Amanda Waller’s confrontation at the end of Suicide Squad.
To instill even more faith in me, Joshua Williamson has been tapped to lead the first “Rebirth” event and if you haven’t been reading Williamson’s creator owned series Nailbiter or his current run on the Flash then you are missing out on one of the best new voices to mainstream comics. It’s also a testament to DC that they let one of their newer writers to take the helm for something like this instead of handing it off to Geoff Johns or Scott Snyder. The only real worry that I have is that events tend to be editorially driven and only traces of a writer’s uniqueness can be found. Hopefully the editors behind this will allow Williamson some freedom to tell a cohesive story and not shoehorn elements that will inevitably become spin off series.
The only real disappointment that I can have for this event is that Jason Fabok will only be drawing the first issue then hand it off to Tony Daniel. While I love Daniel’s pencils, Fabok is on another level and it would have been perfect to have him be the artist for the first Rebirth event since he is the best superhero comic artist working today, an event with his art from start to finish would make it a perfect showcase to casual readers to Faboks art. Not to mention that art change from issue one to the remaining will be confusing for someone who wants to read this after watching Suicide Squad on Blu-Ray. Despite all that I’m going to at least sample the first issue then judge if it’s a story worth reading.

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad debuts December 2016