First Look at Live Action Ninjak

by | Sep 29, 2016


With current pop culture engrossed with connected universe, back in 2015 Valiant announced several films for a shared universe and it seems that one of their more popular characters will also be joining the realm of live action comic book adaptations, with Colin King aka Ninjak.

Who exactly is this purple colored ninja? Ninjak’s first official appearance was way back in 1993 in an issue of Bloodshot and by February 1994 he was starring in his own ongoing series until March 1997. Created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada, Ninjak followed the journey of Englishman playboy Colin King as he fought with British MI-6 and had various encounters with other characters of the Valiant Universe. Sadly Valiant as a company fell of the map due to Acclaim declaring bankruptcy. Valiant would return and usher in a new and bold era in 2012, and after teasing Ninjak was once again given his own ongoing series in March of 2015. The current run of Ninjak still stars Colin King as the main character, and it’s written by Matt Kidnt and slew of amazing artists.
It’s not clear on where exactly this web-series will debut or when, but with New York Comic Con this weekend I’m sure more information will be available. We do have a cast already confirmed with Michael Rowe playing the staring role as Ninjak, if that name sounds somewhat familiar to you he played Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot in Arrow. Seeing Rowe in the costume above makes me a believer that he is perfect for this role. I’ll have to wait and see if he can pull of the Colin King duality aspect. I don’t have enough experience with Michael Rowe outside of Arrow to say he can’t portray King in a correct light, so for now I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and trust Valiant entertainment with their choice.
Lastly the costume for this web series looks absolutely amazing. It stays true to it’s comic book counterpart, and has just enough of purple to serve as an indicator as to what the audience is looking at. The only nitpick I have with this otherwise, glorious reveal is that it isn’t a movie. I’m sure the production quality will be great for a web series but it’s not the same treatment that Harbinger or Bloodshot will be receiving. Let me known in the comments if you’re excited for the live action Ninjak series.