First Look at Logan!

by | Oct 20, 2016

wolverine-hugh-jackman-old-man-logan I know everyone in the world is hyped for the new Guardians of The Galaxy trailer, and I had full intentions to dive into that teaser and give my thoughts on the latest MCU release. However I woke up seeing the trailer for Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine, I couldn’t pass up putting my thoughts down about this.

Immediately I have to give credit for trailer editors for mixing in Johnny Cash’s Hurt. Yes it’s a song used in various media and for the most part it’s used incorrectly but here it absolutely works. The song speaks not only about the current state of Wolverine in terms of the film, but perhaps after 8 movies of playing the same character over sixteen years, that now it’s time to close this chapter on both their lives.
Honestly when I first heard that this was going to be an adaptation of Old Man Logan I was skeptical at best. I knew that they couldn’t (due to licensing rights) replicate what Steve McNiven and Mark Millar did in the original comic, but what I do see is Logan’s state of mind from the comic in this trailer. Logan looks like he’s been through hell, weathered down by numerous fights over decades finally catching up with him. Ever since this first X-Men movie Hugh Jackman has defined Wolverine and it’s evident that all his love is coming to the surface with one final show as Logan.
The trailer itself doesn’t feel like a typical superhero movie, which I’m personally in favor for. General audiences are familiar enough with both the actor and the character to understand that this a different type of movie. Yes I’m sure there will action and great quips but my theory for this film is that it will be more character driven with less spectacle. So that way when the movies decide to deliver a crazy action sequence, audiences will be more appreciative of them instead of experiencing battle fatigue.
Finally I love that we are getting X-23 on the big screen, even though no name was said and yes this could be anybody all signs point to the little girl being X-23. I also have to mention Sir Patrick Stewart’s in the trailer and hopefully this film doesn’t end with either of Logan or Professor X dying. Despite the trailer does strongly hint at that. What are your thoughts on the first trailer for Logan! Let me know in the comments below!