G. Willow Wilson Takes Over Wonder Woman This Fall

by | Jul 13, 2018

Wonder Woman is a tricky character. More so than Batman or Superman, Diana requires something special to get new readers buying her comic. I know personally I don’t read that much solo WW stories, unless I’m familiar with the writer. Well starting this fall, G. Willow Wilson of Ms. Marvel fame will be the new writer for Diana. Read further on for my thoughts on DC’s latest bombastic announcement.


A Perfect Choice

Having read Ms. Marvel for most of her run, I can safely say that G. Wilson is going to kill it with the Amazon Princess. Even though Diana is a far departure from Kamala Khan, Wilson understands how to make a lead character compelling without relying pointless fights or contrived plot points. Wilson’s stories at their core with her characters and organically bigger elements are brought in. I know that seems pretty basic, but for some reason only a handful of comic book writers seem to understand this notion.
Over the past several years, Wonder Woman’s series tend to lead to epic God Vs. human battles and while I don’t want these to go away completely I’m hoping we get more stories that are character oriented. Perhaps a more lighthearted approach then dealing with Darkseid trying to kill Diana’s long lost brother Jason.

Expand The Supporting Cast

One of the other big strengths that Wilson has done with Ms. Marvel is the supporting cast. Wonder Woman has a great supporting cast, that is not nearly used enough unless your name is Steve Trevor. I would hope that Wilson will intend to bring back a lot of the old supporting cast, as well as brand new characters to the Wonder Woman mythos. After George Perez did the very same thing and his run is considered the best in Diana’s entire history. I have extremely high hopes for this series, I can only hope that G. Willow Wilson can meet my high expectations.