The Gambit Movie Needs To Be Cancelled

by | Jan 18, 2018


Pick a card, any card. Oh….You have the card says the upcoming Gambit movie has lost another director. Somehow this film is still scheduled for a 2019 release, but I’m willing to wager that will change in the near future. I understand that we currently live in the golden age of superhero films, but this film just doesn’t want to be made. Read further on for my thoughts on this movie stuck in development hell.

Three Strikes You’re Out

I know this first reason isn’t 100% solid, but if three different directors leave something is wrong. Given that this movie centers around a B-List mutant (sorry Gambit fans) it’s easy to assume that the studios had a predetermined story for Remy Lebeu. That vision clashed with all three of these directors forcing them to leave. Perhaps the studios idea for a Gambit solo film is just terrible and needs to a lot of reworking and the studio might not allow that. I’m sure Fox will find someone who wants to direct this film.

Tatum To Old For Gambit

Channing Tatum was never my first choice to play Remy. I do like him as an actor as he has a unique charisma, and I’ve enjoyed most of his films. However Tatum is currently 37 years old and if you want to do a Gambit origin story, Tatum is far to old to play the ragin cajun. If Tatum was going to be apart of X-Men: Dark Phoenix as a older Remy I would be down for him to play Gambit. Since every superhero film do end up as franchises, it would be in Fox’s better interest to recast the roll. Honestly I’m shocked that Tatum is still tied to this project despite the numerous directorial problems.
At this juncture I’m conviced that this film will never see the light of day. I could be wrong and for fans of the card throwing mutant I hope I am. If you were born in the early 90’s you probably latched onto him. He’s a cool character with a interesting past that could be source material for a solid movie. Given the recent news I’m not confident it will ever happen. At least you’ll have Taylor Kitsch from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.