Greg Capullo Signs New Contract With DC

by | Dec 23, 2016

Earlier this year, veteran artist Greg Capullo left Batman after a five sting on the caped crusader leaving behind his visual stamp. As most people predicted, Greg Capullo’s art can now be seen on the Image book Reborn with Mark Millar. Much to my surprise Capullo tweeted out that he has signed a new contract with DC, but what books should he draw? Should he be on a Rebirth book or saved for special projects? Read further on to see my thoughts on the subject.

Given that Greg Capullo drew over 40 issues of Batman over the course of five years, at this point in his career I highly doubt that Capullo will be taking over penciling duties on any of the current Rebirth titles, especially when you factor in the double shipping aspect. My guess is that Capullo’s pencils for DC will either be a event comic or a special mini series that doesn’t affect the rest of the DCU. Plus maybe a one shot issue every now and then. My biggest fear with Greg Capullo resigning with DC is that is creator owned output would diminish (especially since he just started) and that he would go back to drawing Batman again.
Now don’t get me wrong I was a huge fan of Greg Capullo’s work on Batman, I’m glad that it revitalized his career allowing new fans who never read his original work on X-Force and Spawn but I’ve seen what he can do with the Dark Knight, give me something different. If I had it my way, I would have him draw a special mini-series on either Green Lantern or The Flash. If you’ve read his current book Reborn you know that Capullo’s amazing art expands beyond narrow streets and gargoyles, and he can draw stuff that can make readers jaws drop.
Hell with the rumors and hints that DC plans to bring back the classic JSA, I would put Capullo on that book and let take his team and release it whenever he’s ready. What are your thoughts on Greg Capullo’s new contract with DC? What comics would you want him to draw? Let me know in the comics below!