Hanna-Barbera Meets DC Comics in 2017!

by | Dec 12, 2016

Last year DC decided to tap into people’s nostalgia in another way and release comics based on Hanna-Barbera comics. Not even a year later and it seems that DC isn’t content with letting these properties stay in their own bubbles but instead DC will release four annuals where our favorite characters team up and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m excited.

What catches my eye immediately was that Green Lantern and Space Ghost are actually going to meet. I may not be old enough to remember when Hanna-Barbera cartoons originally aired, but thanks to the wonderful invention of syndicated TV, I was able to plot my butt in front of the TV waiting for new Space Ghost to come on, and it’s kinda surreal to see both of these two characters occupy the same space.
As I stated at the top of this post, there will be four annuals with four backup features with different creative teams for each annual. When I first saw this news I thought it would one big story crossover story that readers would have to read, but instead the choice is yours and yours alone. First up we have Adam Strange/Future Quest written by Marc Andreyko & Jeff Parker with Art by Steve Lieber, (with a backup featuring Top Cat by Dan Didio and Phil Winslade), Next up we have Booster Golds/ Flinstones written by Mark Russell with art by Rick Leonardi and Scott Hanna (with a Jetsons backup feature by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotii, up next is the Green Lantern/ Space Ghost with James Tynion IV and Christopher Sebela on writing duties with Ariel Olivetti on pencils (with a backup feature on Ruff and Ready by the legendary Howard Chaykin) and finally we have Suicide Squad/ Banana Splits, yes you’re reading that correctly and it will be written by Tony Bedard and art by Ben Caldwell (with a backup featuring Snagglepuss by Mark Russell and Dale Eaglesham).
Now that the info dump is done, I’m very impressed at the list of creators that DC has signed on for this very special project, it’s a fresh blend of veteran writers and writers who have started to become mainstays in the current comics market. The artists from my perspective are all fantastic choices for this oddball crossover. Hopefully if these do well, DC will do more of these type of annuals, give me my Thundar/Kumandi crossover! Are you excited for these annuals? What other teams do you want to see? Let me know in the comics below! Seriously though, Suicide Squad and the Banana Splits?



DC/Hann-Barbera Annuals release March 29th 2017