Harley Quinn is Back! Gotham City Sirens Announced!

by | Jan 6, 2017

Even though Suicide Squad has it’s detractors and fans one thing that the majority agrees on is that Margie Robbie nailed her performance as Harley Quinn, and it makes absolute sense that Warner Brothers wants to fast track this film, but who should the other sirens be?

If you want to me to give you some insight on who should play the characters that I’m about to list? Well sadly you’ve come to the wrong place and that’s only because I’m not exactly up to date on the list of female actresses that are making waves in Hollywood, heck I didn’t even know who Margot Robbie was until I saw the trailer for Suicide Squad.
Before I go further, it needs to be stated that Poison Ivy should be in this film I want the friendship that both Harley and Ivy share with each other in the comics and in the Batman Animated Series to be on the big screen, perhaps this film could be used as an origin for Poison Ivy as she has to deal with the trauma of her new transformation and only Harley can bring her a sense of normalcy that only Harley can bring. Secondly I wouldn’t put Catwoman in this film, and that’s because I would prefer the main focus to be put on Harley and Ivy and Catwoman would just garner attention because that’s what she does as a character.
Not only would I replace Catwoman, but I would add another female villain to this team and my two additions would be Killer Frost and Giganta. I know I might be a tad crazy for wanting Giganta in a movie like this but after seeing Ant-Man grow huge in Civil War I would love to see that replicated with Giganta here, and while Poison Ivy does provide the power for this team of girl power, I would like to see ice powers in the DCCU before we get a proper introduction to Mr. Freeze.Who do you want in Gotham City Sirens? Let me know in the comments below!