I Miss My Marvel Universe

by | Mar 24, 2017

Sad Marvel
Now I know what you’re thinking, the second you read that headline you assumed that this was going to be a post bashing the new characters that Marvel has created and silently removed some of the more iconic heroes. Well that isn’t the case, and while I still love Marvel, the magic isn’t there for me anymore.

What I mean that I miss my Marvel Universe is that I miss that connective tissue that Marvel used to have. When I first started reading Marvel full time 11 years ago, I loved that follow a handful of comics and read the events that came along and get the feeling that I was reading this huge ongoing narrative that took immense skill to manage. Going from Civil War to Secret Invasion To Dark Reign, Siege was one hell of a ride that I wish I could ride again. Yes at the time I most likely complained about all of it, but as I grow older I’m reminded of the joy of reading a universe. When I read Marvel comics now, everything feels disconnected and whenever a Marvel event rolls around I feel no personal stake in the matter because they’re was no buildup to them (LOOKING AT YOU FEAR ITSELF, ORIGINAL SIN, AND CIVIL WAR II) so why should I care when ultimately it’s going to swept under the rug?
It’s not to say that Marvel has completely forgotten this practice, the upcoming Secret Empire seems to be a blowup point for the Captain America storyline, and while I’m not reading that I love that it’s still a thing. Hell even Secret Wars was the culmination of what Jonathan Hickman’s vision for the Marvel Universe. So no I don’t mind the new characters taking over beloved spots (I still miss some of them but I have hundreds of stories about them), I just want to actually have some delusional that a Marvel event matters, and right now I don’t even have that. Some of the new costumes choices are awful to be honest.