I Stand With Chelsea Cain

by | Oct 28, 2016

Yes I am writing about this particular subject, and before I go any further I must stress that the following words are my own. I do not represent everyone here at this wonderful site, my opinions are my own. You’re completely free to disagree with me that’s fine but what happened to Chelsea Cain is what’s wrong with the comics community today.

Just in cast you’re not familiar with the this debacle of humanity, let me fill you in on some of the details. Chelsea Cain wrote the latest Mockingbird series for Marvel. Recently it was announced that it was cancelled as of issue 8, and issue 8 had a very striking cover (pictured above) that got certain people all in an uproar. tweet-1
It was with this tweet that unfortunately opened the flood gates of horrible human beings bashing Cain for wanting more female led comics and more female writers in the comics industry. She has since deleted her twitter account due to the harassment she received. It’s currently 1 AM as I write this and while should be dead tired after a long work day I’m still pissed off because of man babies who can’t handle women in their space.
First off it seems there are people who believe that feminism is a code word in which women want to be superior to men and take away “our freedom” which is the biggest bunch of bullshit of paranoia that I’ve ever seen. Women who want to write comics don’t want to take away what you deem precious, they want to be seen as equal and not harassed for the stories they want to tell. Nobody is saying you have to agree with whatever direction a writer is taking, but what happened to not only Chelsea Cain but other female creators is borderline in excusable.
Chances are if you read comics during elementary through High School, you we’re picked on. Not everyone had this experience but it’s an experience that is shared by many readers. So it astonishes me that being excluded from other “clicks” in school that decades later, the shoe is on the other foot. That somehow your haven isn’t your haven because “girls” are becoming a bigger part of the industry. We as male readers should be open to anybody who wants to be apart such a great art form. I can’t even begin to tell how I wished that I knew more people that enjoyed comics no matter what gender/race/sexual orientation, knowing that I’m not alone in loving something always makes me feel happy.
Some might say that they don’t see the harassment so that means these women must be either attention whores or liars. Just because you don’t witness something doesn’t mean said treatment of women isn’t happening. Sitting idly by in pure ignorance and not helping out fellow comic book fans is just as bad as the amount of trolls who want comics to remain a Donald Trump esque boys club. It’s long over due for male readers who stand with women against harassment to stand side by side with them and not locked away ignoring it because it’s not “your problem” Be a man, say something do something.
As for the fans of Mockingbird series, it sucks when a beloved series is cancelled before its time. All I can is see is keep supporting the books you love, share the love with others. How sales are determined for a comic is crazy but until the system itself changes, preorder the book and spread the word. Heck buy it digitally if you have to just keep reading.
I don’t apologize if you wanted something lighthearted this week for your reading, I’m just to pissed off to write about anything else.

I stand with Chelsea Cain.