Inhumans Coming To Imax and Smallscreens in 2017

by | Nov 18, 2016

Yes ladies and gentlemen, your eyes are not deceiving you. I am writing about not one but two pieces of news related to Marvel for this week! If you’re a fan of the Inhumans then 2017 might be your year! In a statement from Marvel The Inhumans will have an 8 episode series with the first two showing on Imax! What does this mean for the Inhumans movie? What does this mean for Agents of SHIELD?

Despite hearing from Kevin Feige that the Inhumans movie will still happen earlier this month this announcement came as a shock to many fans of the MCU. If you’ve been following the rumor reports, then you might have heard that there is a split between Marvel TV and Marvel Studios which is why none of the Netflix shows nor ABC shows have had any significant impact on the MCU. Was this decision made to pull the rug from underneath Kevin Feigi’s grand plan leading up to the Infinity War? If anything fans are losing out, when it’s supposed to be a connected universe yet their isn’t any real crossover.
My own personal interest in the series is absolutely zero. While I may not have the deepest knowledge of the Inhumans like I do for the X-Men or Spider-Man. The Inhumans used to be one of the mysterious groups of the MCU, with a unique setting that couldn’t be rivaled by anybody else. The fact that their most of their secrecy was on the blue area of the moon and their powers were seen as right of passage was so cool! They were isolated but they weren’t outcast, they had a culture. Now currently in the comics they are nothing but second rate X-Men, stripping anything original they once had once the Infinity event ended in 2013.
My fear is that since Marvel won’t be getting the mutants, then the Inhumans will be replacing that role of the oppressed majority. Which makes me sad at the prospect of something as cool as the Inhumans being regulated to TV and carbon copies of X-Men is a disservice to these characters. Even though the first two episodes will be on Imax shot with Imax cameras, the remaining six episodes will be shown on ABC and that means a smaller budget.
The Inhumans deserve the blockbuster budget to their unique story, instead ABC will most likely do everything they can to make the Inhumans as mundane as possible simply because the budget won’t allow them to. As for Agents of Shield, well audiences seem to be responding well to Ghost Rider, but how long will the audience stick around once the show runners decide to remove him from the equation? What do you think about the Inhumans being on TV instead of film? Say your opinion in the comments below!