Inhumans Teaser Images Arrives

by | May 6, 2017

Look I’m gonna be real with you, I honestly can’t stand the Inhumans lately. Being an X-Men, seeing the Inhumans attempt to replace the X-Men’s role as the persecuted. Now we have our first glimpse at the upcoming Inhuman’s Imax/TV mini series, and man I did not want to be a negative nancy, but oh man these “costumes.” Read further on for my thoughts on The Inhumans.

In November 2017 the casual audiences will be blasted with the glory of Jack Kirby in Thor: Ragnarok and Inhumans will be mocking his original creation all in the same year. Like I’ve said before I’m not the biggest Inhumans fan, but before Marvel decided it was a good idea to shove the previously isolated Royal family down readers throats, I at least appreciated the existence of the Inhumans. These “costumes” are an abomination to what Jack Kirby created in the 1960’s. I will always be an advocate that not everything from medium can transfer to another.
It truly does break my heart to see that we could have had an Inhumans movie, with the full treatment of the MCU. Yet because this all falls under the realm of Marvel TV, (where they refuse to embrace the super in superhero) so we are left with a royal family that look like a reject TV movie that should be on the Sci-Fi channel in 2005. This image will inform nothing about what makes The royal family unique. Why not have Medusa’s hair not look like hot garbage? Why not have Crystal have one hand on fire and one hand on ice, why not have Maximus look scheming? Why does Black Bolt look like he needs to use the restroom desperately? Why not give Black Bolt his iconic headloom? I could let go of the mask, but no headpiece for The king of the Inhumans? If you’re a fan of the Inhumans I’m sorry that Marvel won’t give the characters that you know and love the respect they deserve.
I usually try to give new Marvel TV shows a try, but this already has a bad stink about it. What are your thoughts on The Inhumans? Let me know in the comments below!