It's Morphin Time Justice League!

by | Oct 19, 2016

In what might be the least expected crossover for 2017, two of the biggest franchises in pop culture today will collide. As I write this I personally can’t believe that this project is even coming to fruition, it also doesn’t hurt that both teams have major movies releasing next year as well.

While that last line will more than likely be read with a cynical tone rest assured that is not the case. I see the crossover as a smart business move that can capitalize off the hype trains for both Power Rangers (March 2017) and Justice League (November 2017) and it serves as a great device to cross promote among different fan bases. There are plenty of fans who like both Justice League and The Power Rangers, but there are even more who stick to their own series. The crossover potential with these two very different fan bases will be at an all time high come next year.
I honestly have to give credit for DC on this on in that this yet another crossover project with another publisher. Yes we’ve had Marvel Vs. DC in the past but recently DC’s partnership with IDW with Stark Trek and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now Boom with Power Rangers, Lumberjanes, and the also recently announced Green Lantern meets the Planet of The Apes it shows that the company is willing to make fun, unique and interesting comics that on the surface don’t mesh well but turn out to fun stories.
As for the creative team I’m super excited that Tom Taylor will be writing the six issue mini series. Taylor is one the new rising stars within the ranks of Marvel and DC and if you’ve read his work on the Injustice digital comic (yes the one based off the video game) then you known he’s going to be great for this series. Taylor is able to get to the core of the characters he’s writing, making them accessible to new readers while at the same time still recognizable to veteran fans. I have no doubt that he can’t work his magic again.
Stephen Byrne will be the penciler for the six issue mini, but I can’t but noticing that the interior artist is being overshadowed by the various artist who will be doing covers. Here’s a piece of art that Stephen Byrne has done recently.
His style is visually popping and I’m sure DC recognizes his talent to put him on book of this caliber. So tell me in the comments below, are you excited for this crossover? What other property should DC crossover with next (excluding Marvel). I’m hoping that at one point in the series, we see the Justice League post like the Power Rangers (except Batman…Batman hates fun). IT’S MORPHIN TIME!

Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuts February 2017