I’ve Watched Justice League And Now I Want To Read Their Comics

by | Nov 22, 2017

Finally after decades of waiting, fans of the DCU finally can purchase a ticket to see Justice League. Even though if you look at this past weekend’s report then a good majority of people decided to pass on this historical event. So given that Black Thursday is right around the corner, I wanted to write a short gift guide for those who loved the Justice League movie and crave more. The following are mini no spoiler reviews in case you were craving more Justice League in your life.

First up JLA Year One, written by Mark Waid nad art by Barry Kitsen. Did you enjoy the team meeting each other for the first time, and were you a bigger fan of The Flash or Aquaman (sorry Cyborg) then this book is right up your ally. This comic does feature Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman but they’re not stars. You’re not only given big crazy adventures featuring the league but you also are told their origins. While dated due to Justice League: Origin, JLA Year One shares the spirit of the film.

Now this mini series might be a bit a difficult pill to swallow, but Identity Crisis is a fantastic thrill ride that will grab onto you from the end of issue one to the final page in issue seven. This series dives deep into the relationships that have cultivated with the ranks of the Leagues history. Somehow Brad Metlez manages to cram years of League history in a murder mystery that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s not bombastic but it’s a story you won’t forget.
This my friends is a perfect Omega story for the Justice League. Mark Waid may be credited as the writer for this spectacular mini series, but Kingdom Come is the brainchild of legendary artist Alex Ross. At the time Kingdom Come was a commentary at the growth of Image comics growing popularity and how their characters favored lethal use. The DCU may not feel similar to what you’ve seen and read but once you understand the plot and stakes you’ll understand why this story is still a treasured favorite among DC fans.
They’re you have it readers, a small sample of some great stories featuring the Justice League. What is your favorite Justice League story? Let me know in the comments below!