Jaime Foxx To Officially Play Spawn In Upcoming Film

by | May 31, 2018


In case you’re not aware, there is a Spawn film currently in development. This movie will also be the directorial debut of Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn. The ultimate question still remained. Who will play Al Simmons aka Spawn? Well according to various reports Jaime Foxx will play the titular character. Read further on for my thoughts on this huge casting announcement.


Picture Perfect Casting

Jaime Foxx is a incredible actor. While I can think of a cornucopia of choices to play Spawn, Jamie Foxx is one the better picks. Yes I’m fully aware that the last time he was in a superhero movie It wasn’t the best choice. So those with shallow minds, will automatically dismiss this film because it’s Jaime Fox working on another superhero project. Foxx can absolutely channel the pain that Al Simmon’s carries as he tries to stay off the hordes of Heaven and Hell. Plus, while Spawn may still have a die hard following, Spawn himself has long past his relevancy.
Even though Foxx is far past his as being a huge box office draw, but he still remains a Oscar winning actor who still has recognition with casual viewers. However since this Spawn movie will be a horror film, how much of Foxx are we actually going to see? Will Spawn be a figment of the Darkness, only shown in certain aspects? Or will Jaime Foxx actually physically play Spawn and will not just stick to the shadows? It’s also entirely possible that most of Foxx’s scenes could be all flashback sequences that lead up to him becoming the Hellspawn.
Sadly even this announcement, I’m still very skeptical about this film. Spawn is one of my favorite characters, a badass of a bygone era. I’m am somewhat relived that Todd himself wants to challenge Spawn fans with this film, I just hope he manages to pull his vision together.