Jamie Chung Cast as Blink In Upcoming X-Men TV Show

by | Feb 25, 2017

Jamie Chung-01So in case you’re unaware there is another X-Men TV show in development and Jaime Chung has been cast as the lead despite me claiming that I’m a huge fan of the X-Men I was completely unaware that this project was in development at all. So what do I think of Jamie Chung being cast as the fan favorite Blink? What do I think about the thought of two X-Men shows being on cable air waves? Read more to find out!

Now before you crucify me, I have yet to watch Legion (currently airing on FX) and I’m fully aware that critics are loving it so far. I just have absolutely zero time to actually sit down and watch new shows as they come out, I’m not the type of person who binge watches an entire show in one day but I do consume several episodes at a time. So at another time I’ll give Legion the time it deserves.
As for the X-Men show in development from Bryan Singer, I honestly don’t expect any of the “big” X-Men to show up at all. Given that they’re six mainline X-Men films dedicated to characters that the majority of audiences know and love I’m happy that Blink (a fan favorite within the X-Men comics community) will have the chance to attract more fans through a different form of media. Now I’m not forgetting that Blink was in X-Men: Days of Futures Past but it only for action sequences and no character development. So what are my thoughts on Jamie Chung herself? I believe that she’s extremely talented and she’ll do a great job of bringing Blink to the small screen. Honestly the only thing that’ll suffer is Blink’s powers won’t look nearly as cool.
This show is not greenlit just yet and there is no guarantee that any of this will actually come to fruition. I’m hoping it does because it’ll give a less popular X-Men a chance to shine with bigger audiences. What do you think of Jamie Chung as Blink and do you want another X-Men TV show? Let me know in the comments below!