Jessica Chastain To Join Dark Phoenix?

by | Jun 16, 2017

Well look at what we have here, some more news concerning Fox’s latest installment in the main series X-Men franchise. Well the rumor wagons are running full circle that Jessica Chastain will join X-Men: Dark Phoenix as the villain. Before I go into the details of the article, I will admit that it’s pretty cool that we might get a female villain for the X-Men to do battle with. Read further on who Jessica Chastain might be playing in 2018.

I have to comment on this first, but I’m not to familiar with Jessica Chastain’s work. I’ve seen a couple of her movies and she’s a face that I recognize but that’s about it. What’s interesting about her potential casting as the villain for X-Men: Dark Phoenix is that she might portray Princess Lilandra, the Empress of The Shi’ar Empire. Now the X-Men films are far from faithful to the comic book continuity, but it’s really odd that the rumors are speculating Lilandra as the villain.
In the original comics, it was Lilandra’s brother D’Ken who went power mad for the Mkran Crystal and only thanks to the power of Jean Grey/Phoenix we’re they able to prevent the destruction of the cosmos. I’m not against the role reversal, but why not have Deathbird be the villain? It’s probably because Deathbirdh is a pretty dumb name even when it comes to comic book standards.
Now I don’t want to get to excited, but the casting could go in one of two ways. I’m hoping that Fox takes the X-Men to the stars and we see the X-Men fight in space, a staple of what makes X-Men comics great, or there is an alternative. Before Marvel merged the Ultimate Universe with the 616, there was a Lilandra who was not a cosmic princess but rather the “Majestrix” for the Church of Shi’ar Enlightenment. Given the trend of Fox’s X-Men films to be more grounded, I suspect we’ll go the Ultimate version and not the main universe one. Who knows I could be wrong. What are your thoughts on this rumored casting? Let me know in the comments below!